Wednesday, December 11, 2013

the fall showcase

[Working to complete this post between showcases today and tomorrow-- if you have a file, link, or embed code, please send along.]

Thanks to everyone who presented yesterday!  We learned about an amazing range of ideas and the people who are pursuing them.  Following are highlights (listed more or less in chronological order); if you don't see your presentation here or if you have something to add/correct, please comment or email with info & a link or embed code.

Alyssa, Tiana, Summer, Paige, Lauren


Xavier, Joe, Alex, Chance

Maria, Jasmine, Erik, Cesilio


Miranda & Veronica

Matt, Carlos, Alfredo

Jacob, Loren, Sierra

Daniel, Tina, Francisco, Alina

Matt, Eddie, Taylor


Jake, Anna
A passion for veterinary medicine; blog here.

Rick & Jared



Alicia & Johna

Erik, Kapule, Elias

Introducing the Fitness Gurus Grant

Collision between Milky Way & Andromeda galaxies (in 4B years)?

Roman, Analyssa, Bobby/san

Judith & Rachael

Dale & Shane

Austin, Derek, Joe, Joey
Deep sea exploration

Elizabeth, Alex, Miranda

Jon & Dylan
Collaboration on the art of fiction.  Check out the fictional side of Jon's blog here

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