Thursday, April 17, 2014

april 17

Today your job is to take full advantage of the peers and classroom resources you won't have nearby during break. 

Think of the elements you need to prepare for your Masterpiece:
  • A network of >20 people including an expert mentor;
  • Artifacts (text, pictures, videos, animation, music, [?]) that tell the story and the "making of" story;
  • Resources and vocabulary that establish you as a person who knows what s/he's talking about;
  • The sort of passion, caring, and integrity that you can't fake.
What do you need from the class?

Over break I will post suggestions and samples of your work.  By Monday, April 28, you should be able to show us a 3-5 minute preview of your Masterpiece.

1. Tonight please post FIVE STEPS, in which you explain five steps you will take over break so that you can show us something when we reconvene.

2. Enjoy your vacation! :)


  1. No one is here today. So collaborating might not work for today.

    1. When I called in (a few mins after reading your comment) the sub said 13 people were out. There are 29 students in your period-- hope you and the other 15 who showed up took advantage of an ideal class/seminar size! :)