Tuesday, June 3, 2014

masterpiece academy day 6

Veronica kicked the day off with an insightful look at the music industry. DeBussy said that the music is between the notes; Veronica says musical talent is to be found between the hype.

Summer and Tiana teamed up on the philosophy & psychology of having fun:

Malik explored what he thought were "clashing interests" and discovered that engineering and physical therapy clash like peanut butter and jelly.

Jorge took me back to high school and reminded me what it felt like to try and be one of the Freshest Kids:

Mackenzie helped us see that the sex trafficking industry isn't just something that happens to "other people" in faraway places. The good news is that she and other dedicated volunteers are doing something about it.

Mackenzie DeLauer

Graphic designer Joe and street artist Derek teamed up to show us the difference between making our community beautiful and making it different kinds of ugly. (Glad they found the nighttime tagging video on YouTube before it was removed, and glad that they are advocating for the cause without breaking any laws or doing any harm. :)

Austin gave us the last laugh.

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