Monday, October 28, 2013

october 28

[UPDATE: Dr. Preston out sick today, hopefully back tomorrow/Tuesday.  Our next shared ERWC study unit is "Institutional Racism"-- today's exercises are intended as an introduction to the topic.]

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: TBD]

As we've talked about in class, schema are mental structures that help us understand the world.  Example: I won't meet all 7-8 billion people on the planet, so it's useful to know cultural customs like taking off my shoes in a traditional Japanese household or not wearing someone else's shirt in Mongolia (true-- a person's spirit is said to live in the collar).  But schema can become stereotypes, and not everyone maintains their inherited cultural traditions or acts in ways we expect.  So how can we use our knowledge to create positive relationships instead of making a person feel like she's just a member of a category? 

1. Journal
2. Extend the journal topic into an essay that answers the prompt: What is racism and does it exist in Santa Maria or at RHS?  Provide examples to support your main points.

1. (No new HW tonight or vocab this week.  Enjoy. :)