Tuesday, October 1, 2013

the best concert you'll never pay for

Sometimes, especially when you listen to the news or read Hamlet, it feels like we're all alone.

We're not.

So, my 100th post (!) to the course blog is a reminder that every day wonderful people all over the world find creative ways to celebrate the idea that we're all in this together.  For me, that is the ultimate Value of Life.  Enjoy.


  1. What a way to make an already amazing song even more amazing.

  2. Okay I just got the chills!! This is what you call Beautiful and inspiring people in our generation. That was spoken in a perfect sense, I've honestly been surrounded by so much negative in my past, and I believe music goes deep into the soul, so this song spoke loud and clear, we all need someone to stand by us through these hard times.. Really cool video :)

  3. That video was both inspiring and amazing. It's message is real and is its great to see such an old song like Stand By Me still hold it's message even in a society and generation we now live in today. Music is the ultimate expression of the soul and speaks nothing but the truth, something I think most professional musicians now days should learn to understand and appreciate.