Friday, March 14, 2014

march 14

In the last ten minutes of class, please reflect on how well you did today.  Specifically, please describe how well you understood the topic and the prompt, and how confident your were in your writing.


1. In-class Essay: Given the way the concept was defined in lecture and in the last two reading, are you an entrepreneur?  What are you creating and putting out into the world?  How does your expertise compare with the skill sets of the entrepreneurs you learn about at a distance?  Given your experience and your recently acquired knowledge of others' experiences, how do you define success for yourself?

2. [Period 1] The last ten minutes will feature the comedic stylings of Austin Hugh

1. Resource of the Day-- catch up if you need to
2. Reminder: Literature Analysis #3 due March 31 (17 days)
3. Reflect on today's writing experience in terms of your masterpiece.  Do you see your work differently when you think of yourself as an entrepreneur?  (TITLE: [up to you])

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