Tuesday, March 11, 2014

this just in: calling all entrepreneurs

Hi everyone, we have been presented with a terrific opportunity.  Doan Winkel, professor of entrepreneurship at Illinois State University, has created a network designed to help students turn entrepreneurial ideas into businesses.  Here is our email exchange from yesterday; please feel free to submit your ideas on Survey Monkey, or contact Doan directly, or talk with me about it.

Besides being a well-connected expert in the field, Doan is also an enthusiastic advocate who understands the power of sharing ideas and being ourselves online.  I think you'll enjoy collaborating with him.


  1. I'm interested in this, but the premise sort of confuses me!

    1. I included Doan's contact info (with his permission) so you can contact him with any questions. He is extremely knowledgeable and approachable-- and, it's good practice for seeking out a professor and getting clarification.