Wednesday, November 6, 2013

research project

Here are my notes from period 0 and period 1 this morning.  I write fast, but I'm certain that I didn't capture everything, so please add your thoughts in the comments.  I will review the thread with you and fabricate the final question/s and evaluation based on your feedback tomorrow (Thursday).

Relevant TOPICS we've covered:
  • the "right" to our opinions
  • the value of life
  • schema, stereotypes, and racism
  • ingroups/outgroups
  • interpersonal communication (verbal, nonverbal, paraverbal)
  • limitations of the First Amendment (hate speech, obscenity, anything that causes immediate harm to the nation or its people)

Suggested questions:
  • How do our genetic heritages and cultural understandings of communication contribute to racism?
  • How can we improve relations between people of different backgrounds?
  • Is racism a "special" form of discrimination, or is it just another way to separate ourselves from others?
  • NOTE: find the discipline/angle that links with your Big Question or personal curiosity (anthropology, neuroscience, psychology, [?]) and use the opportunity to learn more about how the field you're interested in views the issue
  • Reviewing popular and academic literature in the library and online
  • Asking questions (personally or via survey) to conduct research
  • Citing student blogs
Criteria for success:
  • Mechanics (spelling, punctuation, etc.)
  • Evidence (quantity and quality of cited sources)
  • Organization
  • Compelling argument/s


  1. Can we use any current event that has happened in the nation as examples for racial profiling or what can we use?

  2. All of the other questions seem to taper down to this single, especially important one: How can we, as a society, move forward and do away with racism (and all other forms of discrimination)?

    1. I agree, and you can use this as the basis for your paper

  3. Did you ever get a thought about what I said yesterday(police brutality and harassment) ?if you did my apologies, I forgot.

    1. Thanks Kapule, I wrote that on a separate piece of paper and forgot to include it. You can use it as your topic and share with others.

  4. okay i was absent Wednesday, so i have no clue what we are doing. i red all the post but i feel like i am missing part of this assignment. Can someone please help me

    1. Hi Alyssa, Wednesday I asked everyone for ideas about the term paper. Based on what I've heard and read since, I'm adding more structure to the assignment Check the "term paper" post for specifics.

  5. So the research project IS the same thing as the term paper?