Monday, February 17, 2014

the facebook comment that ruined a life

"Approximately one hour after Justin Carter posted a sarcastic comment on a Facebook thread, his life began to ­unravel."  Read the full article here.


  1. A countless amount of people have a dark sense of humor and speak sarcastically to others. No I don't feel bad for him because he seems like he was trying to get attention but he should have had a fair trial. I agree with what the author said about relating this case to one based during the salem witch trials. Confess to sins and you won't be hung but if you dont we are going to hang you in the center of town.

  2. If anything this serves as the perfect example of what not to do on Facebook or any other social network. Though this may be perceived as a meager dark sense of humor to many I don't think it was his right to issue such threats. I do believe that he does have the right to a fair trial and that all of the evidence should be collected along with the entire thread. I hope this serves as a warning so that no one else does the same thing.

  3. I think that the biggest problem that I hvae is the whole fact of punish then try to find some sort of crime to justify the punishment. I find that the court systems today are in no way shape or form following the constitution and need a big looking at be the Supreme Court and be fixed in the spence that there is no fairness to those being prosecuted and being forced to pay to be free until their trials.