Sunday, February 23, 2014

masterpiece gallery

Here, in your own words, are the projects you've embarked upon.  This list is a pile of unopened presents; each person and topic represents a world of skills and ideas that can enrich the rest of us.  As you read the list, consider who is working in your field and who is working on something that requires talents that can help you.  This is your most immediate network; if nothing else, everyone here understands what you're beginning to accomplish. 

Note: I'm aware that some of you have already pursued new directions, so please feel free to expand your thinking in the comments.

Also Note:  If you have any trouble with the document through docstoc, please email and I will send you the .pdf.

masterpiece gallery periods 0 and 1.pdf


  1. I will also be building a photography website/portfolio that will show my work and any collaboration work that I will be doing with my colleagues in class and out. If anyone would like to collaborate with my photography services speak to me in class or check out my facebook page and contact me from there. Facebook Page Link:

  2. Along with managing time I also want to look into dance and fitness due to the fact that that is where most of my time tends to be going. I will be finding sources and others that may be able to help me.

  3. Besides agriculture I also decided to add nutrition; it kind of goes hand in hand with crop production and management so I decided to take this side of it also. Along with that I also decided to do fitness as apart of my masterpiece, just to add something else that I am really into.