Tuesday, February 4, 2014

february 4

JOURNAL TOPIC: ["Today" by Smashing Pumpkins; "Days Like This" by Van Morrison]

Today is February 4.  Charles Lindbergh's birthday (and my childhood friend Adam's), and probably the anniversary of a bunch of other stuff.  Why do we attach importance to dates?  Why not celebrate Valentine's Day or any other observation of love & kindness today?  Why does the Super Bowl have to be on a Sunday?  Is this indicative of ritual and routine, culture/belonging, or does it matter?

1. Journal
2. Welcome to the launchpad

  • What am I passionate about?  What do I want to do?
  • How can I use the tools from last semester (and the Internet in general)?
  • What will I need to do in order to "feel the awesomeness with no regrets" by June?
  • What will impress/convince others (both in my life and in my field)?
  • How will I move beyond 'What If' and take this from idea --> reality?
  • Who will be the peers, public, and experts in my personal learning network?
2. Find a resource/vocabulary

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