Wednesday, January 22, 2014

january 22

Please continue your conversations from yesterday.  As a reminder, here are the three questions* (*I didn't work from a script yesterday, and it's 5 AM, so if the phrasing is slightly different or I am accidentally revising, please comment to this post with your notes so we can ensure consistency):

1. What are you really passionate about/what do you want to pursue understanding and/or doing for the rest of the semester?

2. How can you use what you learned in the fall semester (research skills, social media & digital tools [including blogging, remixing, mind maps, etc. etc.], big questions, collaborative working groups, journals, & vocabulary, e.g.) for the purpose?

3. What will you have to do in order to ensure that, come June, you have absolutely no regrets about what you could have/should have done when you had the chance?

Please leave yourselves ten minutes at the end of the period to reflect on the conversation in your journal.  Have the last two days helped you clarify your plans?  Are you still struggling with any aspect of this?  What if anything still needs to be done so you can move from idea-->commitment-->action?  On Thursday we will begin with this journal entry as a status report-- looking forward to it!

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