Tuesday, January 28, 2014

january 28

Today is the beginning of the end.  We have four months to build our masterpiece/s.  Today each of us took an honest stab at the six questions from last week:

  1. Passion.  What do want to learn badly enough that I'm willing to fully commit myself?
  2. Prior Learning.  How can I use the tools/processes from Fall semester for the purpose?
  3. Envisioned Future.  What will I need to do in order to ensure that June brings a sense of triumphant fulfillment and not regret?
  4. Audience.  What will impress and convince others that I am a thinker who shows critical thinking skills and creativity in finding, analyzing, evaluating, organizing, and communicating valuable information?
  5. Implementation.  What steps can I take to move beyond 'what if' and bring my idea/s into reality?
  6. Network.  Who are the peers, publics, and experts I need in my personal learning network and/or audience?
Now that I have your initial answers, we will start brainstorming and action planning.  Tomorrow we will begin one-on-one meetings that will begin to shape your path of inquiry. 

1. Today's journal topic: please reflect on your answers today, the thought processes behind them (which questions were easier/harder, e.g.) and add anything that occurs to you after the fact.
2. Reminder: vocab due by COB Friday

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