Monday, January 6, 2014

the choice

Hope everyone had a terrific break!  For our first day (Wednesday), please read "The Choice."  This essay is a personal blog entry from two days ago by Eric Meyer, an expert in computer programming.  (Spoiler: this essay is not about computer programming, and you may want to have a tissue nearby when you read it.)

Please answer the following questions in a post to your blog (title: THE CHOICE) and come to class prepared to discuss.

1. What is the "choice" referred to in the title?
2. Is it a real choice?  Why/why not?  What is the alternative?
3. Why does the author use the word poison in the first line?
4. The author's daughter wants to play with a toy that is intended for older kids.  Why?  Do you agree with her? 
5. If you thought you might not live to the age of 30 what would you want to do right now?
6. Under what circumstances does it make sense to endure discomfort--or even force it on a loved one-- in service to a greater/more important cause?
7. Is suffering a necessary condition of life and love?
8. Most readers don't share the author's circumstances, but we feel an emotional response to his words.  Why?

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