Friday, January 31, 2014

january 31


Invent a machine that does something you need done but don't want to do.

1. Journal
2. Discussion: 3 resources

Interview at least three people about the resources they brought to the table this morning.  Ask:
  • Does the piece grab your attention and influence your thinking?  Why/why not? {*Note: you might think about author/s, design, content, etc.}
  • Do you trust the author/resource?  Why or why not?
  • Does the piece lead you to other worthwhile sources of knowledge?
  • Are there elements of the piece that provide examples of design, research, and/or writing that you might incorporate into your own work?
  • What about the piece inspires you to look for more of the same, and what inspires you to find something different/better?
Please leave your answers in an exit ticket on top of the journals in the crate.  I'll read early Monday.

1. Find five resources on your topic and bring in a list on Monday.

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