Thursday, January 23, 2014

january 23

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash; "Who Am I (What's My Name?) by Snoop Dogg/slightly abridged]

If you could change your name, what name would you choose?  How might your new name describe you differently, or even change you?  Be sure to explain your answers.

1. Journal
2. Company wo/man and the changing role of work in life
3. Refining your semester project and next steps

1. Please be sure to post your vocab definitions/usage/remix by COB tomorrow (Friday, January 24)
2. Reminder: lit analysis #1 due next Friday (January 31)
3. Find three acknowledged experts/high performers in your field and take notes on how they tell their stories, share information, and establish/maintain their online brands.

[UPDATE: Thanks to Maria for letting me know the vocabulary list hadn't published-- it's up now, and the definitions/usage/remix is still due on your blog by COB tomorrow.  However, I will review the words with you in class on Monday to prepare for the quiz, which I will give an extra day and present on Tuesday.]


  1. are you going to post a new list or do we remix last week's list?

    1. DOH! Thanks Maria, it was stuck in drafts. Will publish in next couple minutes. We're going to do this old school-- it's still due tomorrow. (Wow, can't believe NO ONE MENTIONED THIS BEFORE... :)

  2. I should have checked the blog yesterday... Since this post didn't specify "VOCAB: SPRING 3" and we haven't even been quizzed on VOCAB:SPRING 2 yet, I just assumed that this was merely a reminder for those who didn't complete the previous list or something. Just now seeing the new list...

    1. Since this was a short week, and I had to attend two all-day meetings, and you all are in the middle of envisioning masterpieces, I didn't think a quiz was the best use of our limited time. Having said that, though, sometimes quizzes give a real sense of how well you've learned-- I will look into using an online platform so you can test yourself (& use it to practice in future). In the meantime, we will review the words in class next week. And rest assured, they'll all be eligible for the midterm. :)

  3. Just reviewed the comments to this post and noticed that I ended both of mine with an emoticon usually associated with people about 20 years younger than me (sigh). Since my grandmother likes to think everything comes in threes, :)