Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 16*

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "Little Know It All" by Iggy Pop and "Words (Between the Lines of Age)" by Neil Young]

Consider the following image (courtesy of the fine folks at BoingBoing). What issues, problems, or challenges in your life once seemed HUGE but got smaller as you gained a larger, more mature, better-informed perspective on things?  Does this matter in your life?  How?  Should we be using an image with an expletive in it?  Does the diction detract from the message or strengthen its impact?

1. Journal/turn in
2. Socratic seminar: "The Right to Your Opinion"

1. Read a truly interesting piece of non-fiction and post about it to your blog (title: A TRULY INTERESTING PIECE OF NON-FICTION)
2. Read the Personal Statement Worksheet and complete the Senior Resume Worksheet by Monday, August19


  1. I can't find " A TRULY INTERESTING PIECE OF NON-FICTION". who is it by?

    1. " A TRULY INTERESTING PIECE OF NON-FICTION" that does not refer to a book title. It refers to the title of the blog post that talks about a NON-FICTION BOOK. Meaning that you have to read a book that is based on true events (Non-fiction) that is interesting to you.

  2. Are both assignments due by Monday, or do we have to post #1 tonight? I'm not used to the idea of an assignment being due on Friday night lol, so forgive me if it goes without saying that the assignment is always due the day it was posted.