Sunday, August 18, 2013

preview for mon 8.19

Tomorrow after the journal we will audit the first week.  We'll talk about "The Right to Your Opinion" and whether or not we need a testable moment.  I'll be especially interested in your thoughts on how to optimize the network and connect the dots between Big Questions and Expository Composition.  For homework I'll ask you to write an articulate, well-supported perspective on this article.  We'll also talk about vocabulary and grammar.  Without them, banana mumu baseball aphotic (*learned that one the day before yesterday! :) blech.  Plus we wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to each other.   Too many human beings are unhappy enough as it is; imagine if we all had the Terrible Twos our whole life because we couldn't make ourselves understood.  Speaking of which, remember "The Laughing Heart" (especially if you haven't taught it yet).  The Gods will offer you chances.  Know them.  Take them.  See you tomorrow.


  1. I have a question about the ucsb paper. Are we supposed to answer both prompts?

  2. Dr. Preston will you email me about my homework again, sorry i just remember i had to read,"The right to your own opinion." read vocabulary...(please email me the rest) p.s. i will be back wednesday for class.