Friday, August 23, 2013

August 23*

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "Panic Song" by Green Day]

We all encounter emergencies-- illness, earthquakes, stalled cars, the occasional zombie apocalypse--so what can you do to be prepared? Describe planning or training for something that might actually happen.

1. Journal
2. Vocab/"Opinion" quiz
3. Select text on obesity
4. Discuss weekend homework

1. Do last night's assignment (write a synopsis of the text with reading notes)
[PER. 0 CHOICES: An apple a day via Rick's blog or this article.]
[PER. 1 CHOICES: McDonald's chicken heads on Alex's blog; public school "fat letters" on Johna's blog; the movie "Supersize Me" via link on Dale's blog; or this article.]

2. Find two credible resources that support the text's thesis-- and two that refute it-- and write an essay in which you analyze the evidence, explain your reasoning, and come to your own conclusion.  Post to your blog (title: PROSE & CONS: OBESITY)


  1. Did you mean "PROS & CONS"? "Prose" doesn't make much sense there; unless there is something that I am missing.

    1. Good catch! I used a homophone (word that sounds alike but isn't spelled alike) to suggest both "pros and cons" of the argument you're evaluating and "prose" as the writing style (although I guess if someone wanted to tackle this in iambic pentameter it could also be effective :)