Saturday, August 31, 2013

"how do i embed a music player on my blog?"

Several students have asked me how to embed a music player on a blog.  I have no idea.  Please help 'em out in a comment to this post.  Mahalo.


  1. what you do is go to the google apps and look for the ADD html application add that then go to your blog then there will be a tool button near when you edit page then you can go to youtube and press embed link copy and then go back to your blog onto the tool button there should be a box that pops up then you paste the link and save. If you are using soundcloud you use the same process but go to the web address at the top http search engine bar and copy then paste into same tool box for the html app. I belive these are the correct instructions I kinda just typed this out of mesmorization.

  2. Cool. I will definitely try that :)