Thursday, May 8, 2014

beginnings 2

She put a finger to his lips.  "Stop," she said.  "We shouldn't."


  1. After being in jail for over 30 years for murder, Eddie Martinez is on trial again for possession of drugs on his property. Martinez had been adviced by the late deceased girlfriend to not sell drugs on the street with her. He didn't listen and after coming back from a run, Martinez had originally adviced her to keep quiet, she refused, and ended up throwing her off of Shell Beach Cliffs.
    UPDATE: Martinez has just been proven guilty and will serve 50 years to life at a penitentiary.

  2. ... He had let his emotions build up within for far too long. Never before had so much rage built up inside of him, finally it completely overwhelmed his senses and seized control over him. He had watched as she fell from the balcony to her unexpected demise. There seemed to be a moment of relief, like a burden being lifted from his shoulders. A certain air of freshness filled his lungs, but as the street below was colored with crimson he felt the sudden regret wash over him like the waters of the beach he was overlooking.
    Eddie sat in a chair as the sun slowly set. The pastels of the sunset began to fade as the sounds of sirens filled the air. A tear slipped from his eye as he placed his head in his hands. As the sent of sweet Plumeria began to fade he remembered all the torments he was subjected to as he loyaly obeyed her every wish.
    It had all began innocently enough just over a year ago. He was fresh out of college and ready to tackle the world, now what is he to do?

    Written by Jon, Dylan, and Mackenzie

  3. She completely stopped him from pulling this stunt on his teacher. They were about to get themselves kicked out of school just like they wanted, but then suddenly she came to a realization. She couldn't go on in life without continuing her education and she no longer wants to quit just because things got hard. It was after seeing the look in the teachers eyes that she realized people are there to help out and not just to look down on her and criticize. They are there to help out with anything she needs, and with that she decides to stop him in his tracks. She has had a vision and won't allow him to mess up his life like she almost did.

  4. Sierra, Bobby, Jacob, and Loren

    She put a finger to his lips. "Stop," she said. "We shouldn't." Eddie's face drops, he instantly thinks he knows she is his daughter. "Listen Karen I'm sorry." he says in a sad tone. "Why are you sorry," she says ever so nicely "I just don't want to disguise your case out loud where everyone can hear."

    Karen takes Eddie to a back room and gives him coffee. As they disguise his case and how many years he may be facing in jail he asks her why she wanted to become a lawyer. She answered him with, "Because if who my dad is..." She pauses, "A gang banging, drug selling, selfish who thinks he can get away with hurting people... Including me and my mom... He never hurt us physically but he hurt us emotionally by leaving one night and never coming back." Eddie held back tears.