Friday, May 30, 2014

course commencement

In the two-hour period during finals week we will be celebrating our accomplishments.  Contribute your "best of" and program ideas in comments to this post.


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  2. Can our celebration include food? and we can skype with somebody who would like to talk about ours masterpieces.

  3. (1) YES! (2) Sure, do you have someone in mind?

  4. I believe we should bring Mr. Louis C.K. into our world and ask him about common core. Also, can we order pizza from one of the local joints instead of Domino's or Pizza Hut, because I know you like food that has lots of love in it? In addition, best of:
    -uproar or most say in class
    -best blog overall.

    1. Thanks for the ideas Alfredo! I would love to hear Louis C.K. on the Common Core-- I invited him to join us a while back on Twitter @louisck and didn't get a reply. You never know, though-- what if he just missed the message? What if his secret dream is really to spend one magical afternoon with a high school English teacher and a classroom full of students?

      Regarding the pizza idea: [blech]. There is no love in chain/fast food. That product is engineered from profit margin, volume, and sadness. Stop watching commercials. Go to Full of Life Flatbread in Los Alamos--better yet, learn to make your own dough--and never settle for inferior pizza again. For our celebration, a simple recipe that you bring to life is enough to surprise us and put smiles on our faces. Just make sure it doesn't suck. :)

  5. Continuing from what Alfredo commented i believe that we should include:
    -most changed
    -most thorough
    -most decorated homepage