Thursday, May 8, 2014

open source learning chat: ted newcomb & raines cohen

Unless they have living grandparents, most young people don't have much opportunity to engage with people over 50.  This means we miss out on intergenerational exchanges that increase understanding and enable us to learn from Those Who Have Been There & Done That.

Tomorrow we will have the chance to talk online with two men who have a great deal to teach us.  Ted Newcomb has been learning and building communities online since The WELL, and he is one of the most curious, patient, and generous people I've ever met.  Raines Cohen has spent decades growing nonprofit organizations, he served two terms on national board of the Cohousing Association and is an authority on cohousing and aging in place.  I'm excited that both Ted and Raines are willing to spend time with us; please come prepared with an open mind and any questions that you'd like them to consider.

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