Thursday, May 22, 2014

masterpiece academy day 3 (1)

Notes from Thursday, May 22

When you look at Jonatan's blog you see a tabula rasa, a blank slate that makes you wonder: "What's this guy THINKING?"  Apart from the occasional journal entry, quiz, and hard copy assignment, I've asked this question often.  And I'm so glad I kept asking!  It turns out Jonatan has been working on a novel. It's a suspense/adventure/action/thriller about some guys who overhear the wrong conversation and have to think quickly to save their lives, the ocean, and us.   Today he read us a selection and asked us for feedback-- please check back on his blog and join the story in progress.  (Or, if he's still living the analog life, find him in person and ask to see the manuscript.)

Alex presented on senioritis.  Her original masterpiece focused on the fashion industry but she quickly found herself bored with it, and she began reflecting on why she and her friends were giving up on things they previously thought important.  Even their personal style choices deteriorated over the year: "At some point we stopped trying to impress each other because we realized it just didn't matter." EXACTLY.  Challenge: Instead of inventing words that sound like diseases to describe investing less of ourselves in things that suck, let's dedicate ourselves to endeavors that don't suck.

Lastly, Rachael explained how she transitioned from her original masterpiece topic (zoology) and focused instead on her music.  Her comments and her music (see sample at bottom) reminded all of us how our passions can lead us to learning-- and sometimes sustain us through the difficult, technical, and/or bureaucratic barriers to being our best.


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