Thursday, May 22, 2014

masterpiece academy day 3 (0)

Notes from Thursday, May 22

"I grew up on Bunny Street in Santa Maria..." (laughter: bunnies are cute.)  "When I was 10 I heard a gunshot, walked around a corner, and saw my first dead body.  He was about 18." (silence.)  Sierra has started a petition for a program to help young people thrive in our community.  Check out her blog here and sign the petition here.

Thanks to Rick for the welding education!  Check out his welding blog here.  (I'm putting in my order for a GUADALUPE-style BBQ.)

Remember the end of Fahrenheit 451, when the people became the books to preserve the ideas?  Today Alfredo suggested that we are all living, interdisciplinary textbooks.  He used himself as an example by taking us on a whirlwind 20-minute tour through calculus, evolution, philosophy, and religion.  Please visit Alfredo's blog and contribute your own chapter.


  1. I think everyone that presented today did an amazing job. For those that aren't familiar with expository composition, that sucks for you. This class is dope. Get with the future.

  2. Honesty, all of the presentations we have watched so far are beyond mind blowing.