Tuesday, May 13, 2014

beginnings 3

As an arms dealer, Ray had heard the sound thousands of times.  But never from behind or in the dark. Click.


  1. He was a military grade weapons dealer. Very serious and precise. Tonight was a night however that was leading him to believe that something may be up. His buyer was supposed to meet him a couple days ago but rescheduled last second. Now tonight he was supposed to meet him in an ally but was now 10 minutes late. Being nervous about a potential cop bust, ray decided it was time to go. He signaled his men to clear out but as they began to leave, many clicking sounds were heard in the darkness behind them. The sound of a gun being cocked back. Ray and his men turned around and fired into the darkness and everything went silent. Ray signaled his men to go investigate and as they walked forward, a live grenade came out of the darkness. That was the last moment ray remembers after waking up chained upside down in a wearhouse...

  2. It was cold that night, the breeze was suddle, but with a musty stench of something fishy on the rise or maybe thats just the smell from the ocean docks Ray was standing in. Ray was always on his game when it came to dealing weapons, but that night it seemed he was about to be put to the test... A dark SUV with the lights turned off begins to creep up slowly. Steadily feeling the tension as the vehicle moves forward, Ray begins to the examine it as it pulls to a stop just 3 yards ahead of him. Then everything goes silent... There's a click from the door and out comes two really tall body guards, both holding a black brief case. Then out comes him... Andres Gutierrez, one of the most ellaborate yet notorious drug lords in the city of San Francisco. Now, Ray always knew about Gutierrez's business endeavors, plus his reputation for handling business in a much more unethical manner, but this arms deal isn't no ordinary arms deal. The weapon Ray contains in his possession is no ordinary weapon. It is a prototype bomb detonator that could control a bombs detonation from distances measuring over thousands of miles. So the person behind the detonator could plant the bomb and flee far from the area of detonation and get away with it. You might be asking yourself the same question to why such a notorious drug lord might want such a device?... The answer is simple, power! Gutierrez will be holding one of the most dangerous bomb detonators out there do to the fact that it will be practically difficult to figure out who detonated the bomb if the detonator is thousands of miles away. It's also said to work in planes so, just imagine the chaos this weapon can cause... Andres opens with a very uneven greeting "Have you brought me the key to my new world order?" Ray responds saying, "I don't know if this is your key, but it's definitely something that can bring nations to their knees." Gutierrez responds with a chuckle saying "The world is filled with fear, you be amazed how easily someone can be broken by just a simple threat of chaos inbedded in their mind." With an uneven tone Ray responds "enough of this small talk, let's get down to business now?!" Gutierrez grins, "Let's..." As Ray begins to pull down the bag holding the device, Gutierrez begins to explain how he's going to build his empire of terror with a very malitious tone. Ray, trying to ignore Gutierrez's statement, he says "I have your device right here, now show me the cash!" Gutierrez looks at the two body guards which began to open the brief cases, but as soon as they are almost opened, Gutierrez yells deliberately to "Stop!" Then looks at Ray asking if the device even works?.... Ray tries to explain that he can't do a demo but before he knew it out comes Gutierrez's army of foot soldiers ready to attack... Gutierrez says "If your device really works let's see this in action... You have 60 seconds before they start shooting..." Ray pulls out the device fast, racing to get it ready, just before he finished Gutierrez yells "time!" Luckily Ray just completed his quick set up of the demo placing a small explosive near a barge just down the way. Ray detonates the bomb letting out a small eruption on the barge loud enough that a near by police officer hears the explosion. Hearing the blasting siren Ray and Gutierrez gather up quickly make there exchange and flee the scene just seconds before the police officer makes it... As Ray began his drive home he sits back thinking what in the world have I just started...

  3. woah!!! that was freaking awesome! I love Rucobos story man!! intense :) good job!