Friday, May 30, 2014

masterpiece academy day 4

Notes from Friday, May 23

Jared kicked things off by bringing in a ringer to help illustrate the benefits of motivation and collaboration.  Jared is working on an app for the purpose; in the meantime, his personal account was testimony to the power of keeping an open mind.

Andrew walked us through the process of writing a song.  Had his keyboard not acted up he would have played one for us too! (Maybe we'll have another chance during finals week?)  Here is his Prezi:

Loren has kickstarted her career as a journalist.  She even met with a local pro who mentored her.  Check out the stories on her blog!

Dustin, on occasion, has dared us to follow him down roads of the mind. This time he dared us to follow him on a skateboard. Since people took away different messages from this video/talk (ranging from design to physics to "huh?") you'll have to collaborate with others and interpret it for yourself.

Originally, Shane's masterpiece centered on the study of happiness.  He read books on philosophy, success, and flow theory.  Eventually this made him unhappy.  So he decided to practice happiness instead, and his focus on how theory actually works in the world led to this song (you can see him play starting at 2:00).  {Hey Shane, can you send an embed code or YouTube link so I can embed the video here?}

Roman is a man of many talents.  He designed and produced a full-length feature soundtrack (with cover art) of electronic music to commemorate his learning experiences this year. Check it out here.

Analyssa is using pictures to say thousands of words:

Jon is writing a novel-- thousands of words that paint a picture of a world that is at once familiar and totally unknown.  You can read his work here.

You know how parents call to their kids to get out of the pool?  Billy & Elizabeth aren't listening.  He wants to coach water polo and she wants to coach swimming.

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