Saturday, May 31, 2014

masterpiece question & archive

masterpiece academy question & archive

For the last two weeks the Masterpiece Academy has been your showcase.  As you reflect on this experience, and your overall experience in this course throughout the year, please address the following questions in a traditional MLA-style essay.  Then post about it to your blog in any medium (music, pictures, video, animation, [?]) that brings your thesis to life.  (You may embed the original paper if you can't think of a better way to communicate.)

Please Note: Everything on the traditional paper assignment counts.  Please proofread and/or ask a friend or relative to help with organization, flow, and mechanics (capitalization, punctuation, spelling, grammar, MLA style, e.g.)

Masterpiece Academy Question

In the first week of the school year we were visited by a newspaper reporter who wanted to understand Open Source Learning.  Since you have spent nearly 200 days on the subject, you are one of the world's most experienced authorities-- now it's your job to be a journalist and report on yourself and your learning experience.  Have you grown/changed through this process?  How?  Have you improved your reading/writing/thinking skills?  How?  Please be sure to address the following elements as you write.

ELEMENT 1: You have been treated as colleagues and you have been given a great deal of choice in this course; this represents a high level of trust.  Did you and the others deserve it?  Earn it?  Honor it? 

ELEMENT 2: Have you re/connected with a passion that drives you?  If so, how will you continue your learning?  If not, how will you proceed?

ELEMENT 3: [Something about literature or this course that made you laugh out loud.]

ELEMENT 4: [A unifying theme that runs through a minimum of five (5) presentations; a quality of the content, or the speakers, or their communication techniques that strikes you as something important that we have in common.]  Please illustrate/support your point with specific examples from the presentations.

ELEMENT 5: Evaluate whether you completed the hero's journey.  Are you a hero?  To what extent did you respond to the call of adventure?  Did you find a mentor, conquer a challenge, and return enlightened?

Masterpiece Academy Archive

To save you some search & scroll time, here are brief remembrances and artifacts from your presentations in chronological order.  (Note: I will be finishing this today--Saturday, 5/31--so if you're looking for something in days 5-8 and don't see it yet, either send an email, look on the presenter's blog, or wait a few hours.)  Please comment to any post that contains omissions or errors.

Masterpiece Academy Day 1 (Tuesday, May 20)
Masterpiece Academy Day 2 (Wednesday, May 21)
Masterpiece Academy Day 3 p.0 (Thursday, May 22)
Masterpiece Academy Day 3 p.1 (Thursday, May 22)
Masterpiece Academy Day 4 ((Friday, May 23)
Masterpiece Academy Day 5 (Tuesday, May 27)
Masterpiece Academy Day 6 (Wednesday, May 28)
Masterpiece Academy Day 7 (Thursday, May 29)
Masterpiece Academy Day 8 (Friday, May 30)


  1. Hey preston there is no link for days 5-8, and mine is included in day 8 and I'm sure the other people that presented on these days would like to have their information available, could you please edit it to include the link? Thank you

  2. YIKES! I apologize. "Publish" didn't go through earlier and I walked away. Redoing now, would you please email the link to your presentation and/or put in the comments for Day 8?